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    Apple's "Every Mac needs .Mac" promotion, available from The Apple Store's Hot Deals Web page, has been extended another three months. Originally set to end in March, the deal will now be offered through June 28, 2003.

    "Every Mac needs .Mac" offers new Mac buyers a US$30 break on Apple's .Mac service -- $69.95, rather than the $99.95 regular price. The promotion is available through the online Apple Store and Apple retail stores as well.

    .Mac is Apple's online service, especially for Mac users. The service offers users hosted Web and file sharing space, an e-mail account, Web page building tools, the ability to backup info online and synchronize data between Macs, exclusive access to free anti-virus software, games and other software.

    To qualify, you need to need to but a new iMac, eMac, Power Mac, PowerBook or iBook through June 28th, along with a boxed copy of .Mac at the same time. Various terms and conditions apply, so please hit Apple's Web site for more details. A downloadable rebate form in PDF format is available if you need it.
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    what Apple should do, is let their .mac memebers have benefits from their music service when it comes out

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    They just might do that.

    I guess we will wait and see.
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    So if I spend another $2k they'll give me a $30 break on a .mac account? What about us that bought new macs last year?

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