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Another iMovie update nearing completion

Yet another minor iMovie update will be released this month, one insider reports.

The bug-fixed package is merely a point upgrade, though users will be pleased that several serious issues including freezing on certain systems have been remedied.

iMovie 3.0 was introduced at January's Macworld Expo, and has since seen two minor updates in response to widespread reports of slow performance and buggy operations.

3.0.3 is targeted as the final release before 3.1, says our source, pointing out that Apple has been quick to remedy reported shortcomings. 3.1 will significantly address [speed issues].

Apple released iMovie 3.0.2 early last month, which provided ?improved performance and stability. 3.0.1 was almost immediately introduced after iMovie 3's unveiling.

The updated is slated for release by mid-April, though could be delayed if unexpected problems arise