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    Apple Tablet to compete in new Home Portable market

    Apple is developing a consumer-level tablet system, according to recent information obtained by Spymac sources.

    Rumors of an Apple-branded tablet have been circulating for some time, with increased expectation prior to January's Macworld Expo. At the expo, Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced that 2003 would be the year of the laptop -- and tablet technology purportedly plays a fundamental role in that strategy.

    The unnamed tablet system -- featuring an 8.4" backlit TFT-display and built-in Airport Extreme -- will be marketed as a 'Home Portable' and will be targeted towards a specific demographic of users who want the portability of laptop but who do not require the power or diversity of Apple's current portable offerings. It is very much designed for home-use and, our source speculates, will be pushed for its Internet and connectivity capability.

    Full technical specifications are not available at this time, though battery life is said to be targeted for up to five hours and the unit is operated via touchscreen and displayed keyboard. A docking station, which will include an external keyboard and mouse, will be available for an additional charge.

    Current prototypes are wrapped in a dull black casing and feature an Infra-Red port, though such capability is said to be for internal use and will most likely not make it to production. More information on this development as it becomes available.

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    hey sweet deal.

    I dont think I would ever use one, I do need the portability, but the power wouldnt exist.

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