Apple is providing .Mac members exclusive access to an online collection of Jaguar training material, according to the latest .Mac Connection newsletter.

"This collection of more than 80 online learning modules covers the Jaguar basics. Whether you're new to Mac OS X or one of the rest of us who's just never really had time to explore the details of how it works, you're likely to find these online learning modules interesting and helpful."

The training material is the latest freebie available to .Mac subscribers. Aladdin's DropStuff, Apple's last member-only-perk, is still available as a free download until April 13.

Finally, Apple notes in the newsletter that a minor iCal improvement has been implemented.

"Something's been added to the iCal calendars you publish via .Mac?a much requested mini-month column in the day, week, and month views to provide more context for the calendar entries."