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    Quote Originally Posted by Subzero3886
    SHould I wait for that, instead of getting my Powerbook G4 in June, so I can have intel processors in my Powerbook
    No, no. It's not going to happen. People like Dvorak (and Cringely) make stupid observations about how Apple isn't doing well and that they'll do some ridiculous thing like this (remember, these are the same type of people who thought the iPod was going to be disasterous flop.)

    Intel's Itaniums are expensive and inefficent and don't hold a candle to the PowerPC line of processors. Apple would never use them.

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    Holy thread resurrection, Batman! :batman:

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    Mods? Want me to hold this baby down while you shoot em'?

    lol..I meant, you want close up this thread. It seems like its not doing anything but confusing new users!

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    wow that was odd i was scarded for a litle there

    nw that i think about this i reammber reading this in some ones sig weird

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