Originally posted by http://spymac.com@ Mar 16 2003
AppleWorks will be ditched in favor of a new office suite tentatively called iWorks, reports Think Secret. The purported package will contain a new word processor, Keynote and both spreadsheet and database applications.
"If you're waiting for AppleWorks 7, look instead for iWorks, coming from Apple later this year. Sources said that iWorks will consist of a word processing application tentatively called "Document," Apple's Keynote presentation software, a spreadsheet application, and a database app. Unlike AppleWorks 6's integrated format, iWorks' apps will be separate programs but connected, much like Apple's iLife," says Think Secret.
Back in January, MacWhispers posted a similar report of Apple's word processor.
"The new package, said to be named "Document," includes 100% import and export functionality with Microsoft Word files, but goes much farther than that venerable word processor has ever managed in giving the user a full-scope document development environment (a term used by one of our sources in describing the new product)," wrote MacWhispers at the end of January.
Combined with Keynote and Safari, Apple is apparently tackling Microsoft-independence from all angles.