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    Adobe Live CS3 *** bits....
    I have got back form an excellent day at Adobe Live at Olympia. It was a great day and really showcased Adobe products....the conference is touring the globe and its free so everyone has no excuses....

    Anyway I was talking to one of the Adobe guys who made me laugh when he completly let a cat out of a bag. I had asked how CS3 was progressing and they said it was pretty much nearing initial stage completion and had been complied but they were going to commence a beta programme in the next 1-2 months...anyhow he told me about some sexy sounding Indesign features as i was at the indesign tutorial booth. It will have a sexy render gui which will give real time frame information as well as connecting to bridge and giving mutliple thumbnails all in selectable real time.

    Anyhow he was saying that once the specs of the "Mac Pro" are finalised.....his face went white and he quickly tried to back track saying "well whatever they replace the G5 Powermacs with" Both myself and a few others lanched Mac Pro is it????

    His only reply was that they have been working in close relationship with Apple and that it was inappropriate to comment further, "i've seen test rigs but thats all i can say"

    Later that day before i left i overheard that one of the exec's from a computer magazine publisher, who were there...wont name them but check the adobe live website you can guess, had been playing with a copy of CS3 on a macbook in the VIP Adobe area, it was a peasant no go and invite only,so i dont know 4 sure, he said that it was pretty buzzing on a macbook.

    All in all im pretty stoked....Mac Pro and CS3 sounds like they both will be coming far sooner than most thought.

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    Just cause im nosey i had a search on trademarks in the us....guess who filled the name on May 17th?????

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    Very cool, I'm looking forward to these "Mac Pros"

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    As soon as they release the Adobe products in UBs I'm making my switch complete. I'm still running plain old CS

    Smartz, on a side note, I can't remember if I've I asked you about InDesign yet. I was looking for some guidance on a couple things. Are you pretty familiar with it?

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    Interesting, just came across this article:

    Apple Trademarks 'Mac Pro'

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    I really hope CS3 is a good upgrade again InDesign CS2s features are excellent, anchored objects (I'm sure I keep making a song and danced about these!) and object styles are just the bee's knees! Makes design so much easier...


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