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    oh! I am sorry. I guess we just forgot to close that bug!

    How the NSA Could Bug Your Powered-Off iPhone, and How to Stop Them | Threat Level | WIRED

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    In case where there's a researcher (largely disinterested in choosing sides) and a corporation (very interested in protecting their own side), I'd go with the researcher. Zdziarski has nothing to gain or lose from making this public but Apple has everything to lose.

    Regardless of whether or not Apple intended iOS to be snooped on easily (this is not to dismiss intention because it's a huge part of this), it can be and for reasons that make no sense. For example, why does iOS have a packet sniffer or bypass techniques for encryption when the user themselves can't use those? It would appear that Apple is making the grab of personal data easier but only for a select group of people. Is Apple the only mobile company that makes this possible? Not likely.

    I think the most important question is "why is this data being leaked and logged?"
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