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    IPOD video
    Does anyone know if there is any proper ipod video (larger screen) coming out this year/
    I have a 4G 20GB version and was thinking about getting a new one but would like to view video and photos but I think the screen really is too small. I'm not sure whether to hold out or go for something like an archos AV500.
    On a second question does anyone know if the AV500 can be synced with a mac (itunes, iphoto etc.)?

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    Ok...and this post has to do with a PSP how again?

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    The only thing that syncs with iTunes is an iPod. I'd assume the same is true for iPhoto. The Archos will work with a Mac (according to their website) but you will not be able to use any songs you bought from the Apple Music store. Most non-Apple media players are pretty easy to use though. Many just show up like an external hard drive and all that you need to do is copy your songs or whatever over to them.

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    Best bet for MP3 players if you use OSX is to get an Ipod^^^^ sine ipod+itunes are made for each other. you can go the other route on MP3 players but you will need software to connect Itunes+Xbrand mp3 player.

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    Don't know how the psp thing got in the title, sorry. Could be something subconcious!!!!
    Any truth to the rumor re proper ipod video coming out does anyone know

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