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    Post Steve Jobs allegedly threatened Palm with patent suit to force anti-poaching agreemen

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    Serves them right.

    Palm made a number of pocket-sized devices with a touch screen and Apps accessed by touching an icon.

    Fancy copying Apple like that - even if they did bring out those devices (and actually go bust) years before Apple made a single iDevice

    The same way Android copied the ability to use an email address to register and setup a pocket device without the need for a computer - also years before Apple thought of doing so

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    Although I'm happy to acknowledge Jobs' business and design acumen, he was a bit of a jerk (he's not the only CEO like that though by any measure). He forced Palm into acquiescing and then proceeded to force them into an anti-poaching agreement (which is against the law).

    Then there's Google. As this article notes, Schmidt was trying to prevent a paper trail of these agreements, something Adobe didn't seem to care much about.
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