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    Post Phil Schiller says Apple would never make a 'cheap' iPhone

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    Makes sense. iPhone 3GS - free or nearly free with most providers. It's niche they have no need to fill with a new product platform design, kickoff and deployment. Coming sometime in the future - iPhone 4 for free or nearly free with most providers.
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    Of course, it's in Apple's nature to have their products highly priced. That's how it's always been and that's how it will always be, but electronics are getting cheaper every day, you can buy a brand new laptop for $400 nowadays. Granted, it's plastic and cheap, but you can go out a buy a new one in 2 years, and still wind up paying less than you would have for a MBP.

    The same goes for Smart Phones, I got one recently for $60. Nothing extravagant, but I'm not locked into a data plan and if it gets dropped/smashed/dunked in a toilet etc. I'm not out a ton.

    The gap between Apple Products and "Cheap Electronics" is getting larger and larger. I think making a cheap iPhone would be a good move on Apple's part, but history tells us they'll do otherwise.

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    I'm an Apple fan - iPhone & MBP - but I wouldn't mind a less expensive (cheaper priced?) device. I don't have all the money in the world to spend.

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    Eventually these products will drop, it's not necessary to run out and buy the newest iPhone; there really hasn't been a big enough gap in iPhone technology for me to stay at current generation. I picked up an iPhone 4s for $99 last year, I saw a deal and took it. I also picked up a used Macbook Pro early 2011 on Amazon for $890. It has no problems and it's in pristine condition. Patience goes a long way.

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    Don't see why they should release a cheaper iPhone version either. They should stick to the current strategy, offering the previous models at a lower rate for those who want to buy one.

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    Seems like the statement was made a long time ago that they were not interested in racing to the bottom.
    I don't blame Apple for charging what they deem as a fair price for the product but at the same time I feel they should up the warranty to at least 2 years and if you purchase Apple Care that should be 4 years but thats just my opinion.

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