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    PowerMac Core Duo
    Any ideas what apple might do with the powermac? Is there a possibility there is a whole new system overhall in store since the design has not changed for over 3 years?

    Curious, is it possible that is why Steve metioned April 1st, the 30 year anniversary to debut the possibly new powermac? Seems a little early but that feeling goes away after them unveiling the imac and macbook pro. I mean, they said the high end stuff would be last on the list and they are doing the opposite, which means they may unveil a new powermac in the next 6 months.

    Possible predictions on the powermac I could think of are standard quad processors (that is two intel core duos, like the high end quad g5) since if they are putting duo cores in imacs, the only way to boost performence is either a faster version (which is sort of contradictary to the performance per watt ideaology) or two core duos since if the imac has one, then powermac is the symbol unheard of speed, which means they would have to capture the attention with something as big as quad core duos. Also, I would imagine the core duo is not that much faster than the dual-core g5, so they would have to do quad core duos since no one will buy the powermac unless there is significant performence boost. Another predicition is standard 1gb of memory, standard 500 gb hd, a much better graphics card with standard 256mb, if not even more (standard 512 with pci express maybe supporting dual 30 inch monitors).

    I am giddy with anticipation though


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    me too, i heard here big thing on why they were going to name it macbook pro, but i liked powerbook better

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    I'd think a new PowerMac would have something besides the Core Duo, which is optomized for mobile use. Maybe a P4 Extreme edition, which is also dual core? I kind of wonder if intel offered Apple a sweetheart deal to come out with their Core Duo products early so as to garner a lot of press coverage. Though I hear that this has POd Dell to no end for what intel is doing with Apple-- letting them slide on all of the branding restrictions the intel requires of their other customers, giving Apple access to the newest tech first, and joining in on the "intel doing more than it ever did in a PC" campaign. On various tech sites I've seen talk of Dell breaking their long running intel only strategy and starting to put AMD chips into some of their computers. Interesting to see how it'll all shake out, because Dell is probably intel's biggest customer right now.

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    Im excited about the possible new Powermac too, er uh, mactower pro? er uh mac pro?

    At any rate, My mini is my second mac, my wifes ibook is our third, we may as well upgrade mine to a powermac, er uh.......
    Kevin, Spokane Washington USA

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