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    I'm not sure that I would classify an App "phoning home" as Spyware. If we did, M$ would be in big trouble. It is a bit troubling though. The article aslo doesn't make it clear if this only happens for iTunes purchased DRM'd music, or if it's everything you listen to, no matter where you got it from.

    Several of the updates at the end of the article tell you how this can be turned off etc.

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    I don't think its spyware. Its pretty easy for iTunes to get the artist name when you play the song since they are tagged, and to load up the mini store for that artist wouldn't require sending information to apple.
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    There are a lot of programs that phone home. Which is why i have little snitch. Itunes phones home its current version and no one complains, it also phones everytime you search something in the music store. "how else would it know what song Im searching for". You have a itunes store account to buy songs, well there is a list of every song uve ever purchased attached to that account. Google keeps records of everything you search.

    The person who wrote that article sounds like they have a 6th grade education and seem very computer illiterate. Reminds me of a norther michigan militia group.

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