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Thread: Apple iShot Digital Camera?

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    Source: SpyMac:

    Apple has inadvertently posted information on their training site that suggests an Apple-manufactured digital camera may be more than a pipe dream, claims a thread on the AppleInsider message board.

    Purportedly, the new 'Apple iShot' is mentioned in conjunction with iLife:

    iLife is a fully integrated solution for digital media and includes:

    Apple software for projects containing digital music, digital photographs, digital video editing and DVD production. With the iPod, the Apple iShot digital camera and the new Apple SuperDrive...

    The blurb is said to be posted on Apple's Learn and Earn site, a membership-only sales training website accessible by anyone who sells or supports Apple products.
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    That is truly interesting bit of information. It is also interesting looking at the insider message board link, for other individuls reactions. I can see this as being part of the digital hub, but does Apple need to create cameras? Then looking at the iPod, maybe so.

    I am in the market for a DV camera. Currently looking at the Canon and Sony line.
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