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TattooedMac 09-24-2011 07:10 PM

Apple's Thunderbolt Display doesn't play nice with Mini DisplayPort !!!!
Apple's Thunderbolt Display doesn't play nice with Mini DisplayPort !!!!!

Apple's Thunderbolt Display doesn't play nice with Mini DisplayPort


What is really going to rub folks the wrong way, we suspect, is that the Thunderbolt Display is not configured to work with a miniDP display plugged in to its Thunderbolt port. It wouldn't be surprising if more than one user with an existing 27" Cinema Display or other miniDP display got a Thunderbolt-equipped Mac and ordered a Thunderbolt display expecting to be able to add the miniDP display at the end of the chain.
I did read Discerptor's thread on the Anandtech reviews of the Thunderbolt Display but thought this needed a thread of its own. If not Admin please merge it if its needed.


chscag 09-24-2011 09:51 PM

Hey Tattoo....

I'm not worried mate, I can't even afford one 27" Thunderbolt display, and am certainly not going to worry about daisy chaining it to a 27" Cinema display that I likewise can't afford. :P

Doug b 09-24-2011 10:06 PM

I was gonna' say... Considering that a monitor is 1k a piece, and that we won't see peripherals such as external HD's come down from their steep price for another year or more (if that), these aren't being marketed to us, the common folk.

Also, I'm sure that they'll resolve this with an update in the future, after they test the market for a bit. Though I have to say, at this point I'm fairly confused as to why they'd even bother integrating TB ports on all of their MacBook's seeing as how only professionals can afford to utilize it right now. I'd have left out the 13" machines and the MBA's all together. And maybe would only have put them in the high end 15" Pro's and the 17" and the Mac Pros.

By doing that, they could have cut costs that would have trickled down to the consumer. Or maybe I know nothing.


Dysfunction 09-24-2011 10:49 PM

The MBA's actually make sense. You've effectively added USB, FW and ethernet ports with the Thunderbolt display. This makes a LOT of sense. Just depends on the market. I work with a few people who use MBA's for travel/day-to-day, but would LOVE faster networking and real peripherals.

I'll umm.. maybe wait till the USB ports are 3.0. Would I appreciate the added flexibility/convenience? Yep, just can't quite justify it now.. especially when they'll replace it in less than a year with faster USB ports (is my guess, and I'd LOVE that). Now, wish list on that thing? Hey can I get an 1/8" audio out and a CF reader? ;)

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