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OneMoreThing... 09-22-2011 11:50 AM

Doubts cast on success of Amazon tablet, Android Ice Cream Sandwich vs. iPad
Doubts cast on success of Amazon tablet, Android Ice Cream Sandwich vs. iPad


The likelihood of success for both the impending Amazon tablet and Google's forthcoming Android update, dubbed "Ice Cream Sandwich," against the iPad has reportedly been called into question by industry insiders.
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_Stormin 09-25-2011 08:12 PM


Still others in the industry expect that demand for tablets will drop significantly, much like the bottom fell out on the netbook market, taking with it hardware makers like Acer. They believe the "traditional" notebook industry will rebound once consumer interest in tablets wanes.
Yeah, their perspective seems a bit off...

iPad buyers will keep upgrading, much like the iPhone user, (on the long end of the scale, every couple of years) when features warrant. Android tablet mfg's won't see that same loyalty because there is something else coming out every twenty minutes. Many people may be holding out simply because they're on the fence about something new coming next week/month/quarter... iOS isn't flawless, and Ice Cream Sandwich won't be either. It's all in how it integrates into the hardware and overall UE. Apple has consistently been better at pulling it all off and keeping buyers loyal.

There was just that survey about brand loyalty... Apple at 89% with it's nearest competitor (HTC) at less than half. If only 39% of a company's current customers will buy their next product, it may not be enough to keep them churning out new variants.

Soylentgreen 09-26-2011 04:37 PM

I agree with you Stormin.
I think a lot of Amazon’s hope is more to take away from Barns and Noble more than it is from the iPad.
They have a direct competitor that has a tablet/reader. That will be their focus for quite awhile. So many article writers will say iPad killer, when the companies themselves are focused on a completely different business model.
That is not to say though, that at some point Amazon will try to take a few Apple customers away. But I think Amazon REALLY wants B&N’s customer base.
And since we won’t really know what Amazon is making until this Wednesday, it is all hypothetical.
For me, I wouldn’t mind seeing another device that has it’s own marketplace, apps ported for it’s own device, and streaming media (Prime for 79.00 a year)…but I am not sure about the 7” model….
No android maker has been able to tie in all the features that Apple has. Maybe Amazon will have more success, maybe not. Kindle people tend to only want kindle. Apple people only want Apple. Amazon will have to try to win over other Android users, although android on the Amazon tablet will probably look quite a bit different than other android tablets.

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