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    Post OS X Lion USB Thumb Drive Now Available

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    You think you can use it as a normal flash drive after installing lion?

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    Probably can, but do you want to?

    As noted, those who install Lion through the USB Thumb Drive won’t be able to perform re-installs with Lion’s built-in Recovery functionalities, as they will need to use the thumb drive again.
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    Here's the link to the thumb drive in the Apple Store. LINK

    System requirements:
    Mac computer with an Intel Core 2 Duo, Core i3, Core i5, Core i7, or Xeon processor
    2GB of memory
    OS X v10.6.6 or later (v10.6.8 recommended)
    7GB of available space
    Also at the bottom of the page is this verbiage in the Software License Agreement...
    The OS X Lion Software License Agreement allows you to install and use the software for your personal, non-commercial use on all the Macs you own or control that are running Mac OS X Snow Leopard or Snow Leopard Server (a Mac Computer).
    All of this makes it sound as if you can't jump from Leopard to Lion. But I'm sure it won't be long before someone tries it and then we'll know for sure.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MYmacROX View Post
    akes it sound as if you can't jump from Leopard to Lion. But I'm sure it won't be long before someone tries it and then we'll know for sure.
    Ok and let me clear this up just before it gets started.

    There are a lot of things we can do, and even if you can do it, doesn't mean you are allowed to do it per the EULA. Nor should we be knowingly encouraging people to break the EULA.
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