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    iTunes Music Sharing and College Campuses
    Source: Yale Daily News

    Since he downloaded Apple's iTunes music player, Keith Salas '07 said he has tried to listen to new music every day. But instead of buying songs through the iTunes Music Store (iTMS), he said he looks through users' playlists until he finds something he has not heard.

    Yalies have rushed to download the iTunes music player and iTMS since it became available to Windows users two weeks ago. But while an Apple press release says users downloaded one million songs within the first 3.5 days the software was available to Windows users, many Yalies said they use it mainly to "share" others' music, not to buy songs from the iTMS.
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    i hope apple will try to solve any problems before it turns into the net share problem

    but first, i think record companies are going to deal with LAMP.. i think the outcome of that debate will hold some forsight of any iTunes sharing.

    latest LAMP news

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    Im not sure this is such a big deal.. it's not much different then me ripping my cd onto my computer and then lending my cd out to people to listen to. The great thing about the LAN sharing is that people can just listen to the music while me lending out my cd.. people will probably rip it also. So this should actually make the record execs a bit happier then otherwise what could and does happen...

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