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    Post Apple job posting points to Sprint iPhone
    Apple job posting points to Sprint iPhone

    Apple has posted a new job listing that points to Sprint as a future iPhone carrier. The listing was posted on April 2nd and is for a "Carrier Engineer" located in Kansas City, MO. The position seeks a new "member of the Carrier Engineering team that supports taking products through technical approval at the carriers. A Carrier Engineer team is responsible for day-to-day technical interactions with the one or more carriers to track down issues reported by the carrier, assist the carrier with testing they might be conducting and working with program management, software development and test teams to get products approved by the carriers."

    Of course, the unusual thing about this position is that it's located in Kansas City, MO. As noted by Stop it, AT&T, that could mean that this Carrier Engineer employee will work directly with Sprint, whose headquarters is located in Kansas City. The odd location of this position fits nicely with the rumors that Apple will add Sprint and T-Mobile as US iPhone carrier by the end of the year.

    Apple job posting points to Sprint iPhone originally appeared on TUAW on Mon, 16 May 2011 19:30:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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    GaWd nooooOOOO ! I sincerely and truly don't want the iPhone making its way to Sprints Networks. I get great service, great data speeds and my bill is super low. iPhone comes to town and the next thing you know, things are irrevocably changed but not for the better.

    I just hope that when they impose their silly data changes via price structure, it won't affect those not using an iPhone. And hopefully my short (but faithfully paid) standing with Sprint will have me grandfathered in to my current plan.

    Adversely and contradictory to what I just said, I hope that if the iPhone does come to Sprint, they charge more for it so that not every Tom **** and Harry joins the bandwagon in an effort to get away from Verizon's ridiculous prices and absolutely lousy customer service. Well, if you can call a lack of something lousy to begin with.


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