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Thread: Mac OS X Lion feature 'Reading List' to compete with Instapaper and ReadItLater

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    Post Mac OS X Lion feature 'Reading List' to compete with Instapaper and ReadItLater
    Mac OS X Lion feature 'Reading List' to compete with Instapaper and ReadItLater

    MacRumors has discovered a new Safari feature that will compete with Instapaper and ReadItLater in the latest Mac OS X Lion Developer build. The feature, called Reading List, allows users to save web pages for later reading. It's represented in the toolbar by the eyeglasses icon to the right. Currently the feature is inactive, but Apple does offer a description of it:

    "Reading List lets you collect webpages and links for you to read later. To add the current page to your Reading List, click Add Page. You can also Shift-click a link to quickly add it to the list. To hide and show Reading List, click the Reading List icon (eyeglasses) in the bookmarks bar."
    As MacRumors points out, Apple's implementation looks to be partly based on HTML/js, which off the bat wouldn't allow for synchronization between devices. However, if Apple plans on adding the popular functions of services like Instapaper and ReadItLater into Safari, it's very likely that they will add syncing features as Safari for Mac OS X and iOS are tightly integrated. The image below shows you how items will be displayed in your Reading List.

    Mac OS X Lion feature 'Reading List' to compete with Instapaper and ReadItLater originally appeared on TUAW on Sat, 30 Apr 2011 01:00:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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    This could well be a handy feature, as currently i use the App Remember Everything | Evernote Corporation and syncs between all devices. This has been a handy App for me doing a engine mod on a 4Runner, bc as i scour the interweb and see something i can contextual menu the whole page or selection and read it later. Will be interested if this comes to fruition . . . . .
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    Well the thing that Evernote still does is make all text, even handwritten text, easily searchable and discoverable.

    I love Evernote, but I don't really see this as a competitor for most people.
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    If there were a stand-alone app made, it would be nice. I currently use an Instapaper unofficial extension with Safari to add a contextual menu when I right-click a link and to add a page (I know there's a bookmarklet but the bookmarks bar clutters up the browser).

    So if there were something built-in and with less clutter (and a nice interface) I can see it doing well.

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