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    Source: LoopRumors:

    "For those of you who weren't aware, Apple still sells the snow iMac at the bottom of its Apple Online Store page. We learned today from a reliable source that the 'classic' iMac is doomed. This iMac uses the conventional CRT monitor compared to today's LCD. This would leave the company's eMac as the only computer Apple builds with the CRT monitor. Apple is said to make the transition complete by late summer.

    Speculation must be made as to whether or not the 15" Flat-Panel iMac will be its replacement."
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    It appears that there may be some deals to be had on old iMacs.
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    I bought my 15" Flat Screen iMac in July and now it is going to become the classic iMac. Now I'm afraid to get a Powerbook for college. :wacko:

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