5 apps to show off (justify!) my iPad 2

Yesterday, I was finally able to pick up my iPad 2. This is my first iPad since I decided to hold out on the first generation model. Upon bringing it home, I found myself oddly excited and nervous.

You see, I've wanted an iPad since Steve Jobs first introduced this magical and revolutionary device to the world, but like many, I've struggled to justify its place in my digital life -- between my iPhone and my Mac. It is, after all, a fair amount of money to spend on what some would call just a gadget. Therefore, I've wanted to be sure that my iPad is going to be more than just a glorified "cool" way to browse the Web, when I could simply grab my MacBook Pro (and power supply because the battery's dead) from upstairs.

After months of scrimping, saving and debating with my conscience and wife (I've now realized they are one and the same), I took the plunge. After many nights of hitting Apple's iPad 2 online reserve page, I (somehow) managed to snag a reserve to collect the next day from Apple's Regent Street Store in London. That was two days ago. Yesterday, I picket up my 16 GB black iPad 2.

Which brings me to today. Now that I have my iPad, how do I feel? Well, I love it of course, but...there's a quiet, persistent voice in the back of my mind saying, "iPad 2, now that I have you, you need to earn your keep or you will be returned."

Therefore, I've spent most of this morning scouting for the features and installing the apps that are going to make my iPad 2 worth its keep. After the break are what I've come up with: my top 5 apps (and a few more just to be sure) to show off to this voice in my head, and hopefully, once and for all, still it.

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