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    Bluetooth Mighty Mouse?
    Anybody heard anything about a Bluetooth version of the new Mighty Mouse?

    I wouldn't mind having one of the new ones but I'd much rather have a wireless version.

    Is this in the works?

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    it will be in the works but i dont think so for a good 12months+ i mean the wired one has only just been released

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    Thumbs up I'm with you on this!
    I'd get one if there was a bluetooth Mighty Mouse. Actually, I asked this question in this thread here: . It'd be nice if they came out with one sooner then the assumed 12 months.

    I'm sure it's in high demand right about now. So I think it should be in the works. If its not, Apple needs to get cracking on this . I like the fact that it looks like the single button mouse. And I really like my Bluetooth single button Apple mouse. Don't ask why though. Its funny when someone comes over my house, they use my Mac and they've never used a single button mouse before. They don't know what to do. I get questions like, "how do you scroll without the roller" or "how do you right click"? :dummy: :p

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