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    Post Apple readying 'iTunes Producer' for record labels

    Apple readying 'iTunes Producer' for record labels
    October 22, 2003 - 23:22 EDT Apple is in the process of launching new applications and marketing tools for its iTunes Music Store that aim to make it easier for record labels and artists to sell and promote music on the service. According to Billboard Bulletin (paid subscription required), Apple is preparing an application called iTunes Producer, which will help labels submit content for inclusion in the store. The free software, expected to be released on October 31 in a beta version, allows users to encode their music (enter album, song and artwork information) and send the files directly to Apple. Billboard also says that Apple has brokered an arrangement with Google in which the search engine is offering a reduced advertising rate to labels that promote iTunes. And, as previously reported, Apple has posted the iTunes Link Maker, which allows Web site operators to generate direct links to the iTunes store. Thanks to MacMinute reader David Bills for the details.

    My Comments: Kind of cool.. Im beginning to think we should have a forum for iTunes

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    lol, I think Apple is starting to make a strong hold in the music industry.

    Which I hope helps out their computers. I mean, more money means they can hire more engineers, blah blah..


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    and hopefully in 2-3 yrs ill be one of those engineers

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    Don't hope, do.

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