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    "According to recent shipping information, the extravagant 17" PowerBooks may not arrive until April.
    MacNN published a reader report stating that Apple is now officially telling customers not to expect the 'books until mid-March.
    "According to the phone staffer I spoke with at Apple, the machines ordered the day of the announcement will now not be available any earlier than March 20th and as late as April 10th, a total wait of 10-13 weeks from the date of the announcement," Roger Baerwolf told MacNN.
    Originally, the 17" PowerBooks were slated for release "by the end of February." The 12" model has already been selling for weeks, and an updated 15" version has yet to make an appearance.
    With iBooks and the mid-range PowerBooks not supporting Airport Extreme, Apple's flagship portable more than a month away, and a 15" PowerBook that just doesn't fit, the portable line is stuck in an awkward transition phase."
    Source: Spymac

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    From Mac Whispers:

    "Taiwanese assembly plant sources have told MacWhispers that the same problems responsible for the delayed release of the 17-inch Powerbook have also delayed the release of the 15-inch variant. We are researching to determine the exact issues plaguing both products. But, it is now apparent that whatever the production flaw has been that has held up shipments of the largest Apple notebook, the same problem has appeared in its mid-size brother, as well."
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    this happened with the first iBook.. well i dont know if the problem was the same, but the extremely late shipment was

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