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    Someone hacked their ipad to get flash on it
    Someone hacked their ipad to get flash on it
    Flash for Android hacked into iPad | Electronista

    I dunno why you'd want to do this but someone did.

    And here is a nice comment I really laughed at
    This ran way better then the demo google had for flash on their nexus one. Its funniny that a hack of the plugin runs better on the iPad then the true effort of its intended platform which if i remember was the latest greatest Android software on the latest greatest Andrpid hardware which the 1Ghz snapdragon CPU. So how is it Apples hardware runs flash better?

    There is still way to many issues to implement full flash on a touch device but at least this little tid bit shows us that Apples hardware is faster with graphics then Android phones.

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    Funny comment
    My face flashed in red while reading the comment...

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    Haha, that comment was brilliant!

    I personally don't miss Flash too much on my iPad, so for me this is simply a neat proof of concept. If it's ever released to the public, I might just try it out for fun, but I doubt I'll keep it for very long.

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    That comment was just too hilarious.

    Someone didn't do their homework.
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    Let's see - Flash running under emulation = an already slow product running with more overhead. On top of this, Flash content will not be tailored to compensate for the iDevices design (ie. no hardware buttons). This should be taken as no more than proof that the iPad can handle Flash. Beyond that, I wouldn't use it. Then again, I am the kind of person that has a Flash blocker installed for each of the five browsers I have installed.
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