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    Microsoft paying iPhone devs to port games to Windows Phone 7
    Microsoft paying iPhone devs to port games to Windows Phone 7
    AppleInsider | Microsoft paying iPhone devs to port games to Windows Phone 7
    As it prepares to relaunch Windows Mobile 6.x as the new Windows Phone 7 platform later this winter, Microsoft hopes to woo Apple's iOS developers into porting their games to its new phones, and is backing up its hopes with cash incentives.

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    They are getting desparate

    They need to provide tools to migrate Objective C programs to their platform, not showhorn developers into using Silverlight
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    While i'm sure Microsoft is trying to attact as many developpers as possible to WinPhone7, they are probably targetting smaller ones

    You can be sure that companies like EA, among others, will have all of their best sellers available on day 1

    Mobile games thrive on short bursts of high volume sales, especially on new device releases.

    There's a difference between an "iPhone developper" and a "Mobile Apps Developper". The latter doesn't care about the platform, he only cares about potential sales on any given device

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