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Thread: Adobe releases Flash Player 10.1 for Mac

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    Adobe releases Flash Player 10.1 for Mac
    Adobe releases Flash Player 10.1 for Mac
    AppleInsider | Adobe releases Flash Player 10.1 for Mac
    Adobe has declared its 10.1 release of Flash Player a Golden Master and is now serving it as the default Flash Player download after more than six months of beta testing.
    And some more links:
    Adobe officially releases Flash Player 10.1 | Browsers | MacUser | Macworld
    MacDailyNews - Adobe releases Flash Player version 10.1 without Mac OS X hardware acceleration

    A gold master for OS X without hardware acceleration for OS X. That's not a good picture for flash on OS X at all.

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    I tried it last night. The performance is much better (couldn't go in any other direction) but there is still room for improvement. When testing YouTube videos for instance, HTML5 was much better in terms of CPU usage.
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    If you use Safari 5 and get clicktoflash 1.6b9, gala flash, and
    this Safari extension Vertical Forest :: YouTube5 – HTML5 Converter for YouTube videos Every youtube video is either QT or html5 , on other sites viewing flash with gala flash installed, the cpu usage is even better than 10.1

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