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    Apple users acount for zero per-cent of all worldwide spam sent
    Apple users acount for zero per-cent of all worldwide spam sent
    Linux Machines Surprisingly Linked to Spam - PCWorld Business Center

    According to the article:

    Windows users create 92.65% percent of the spam
    Linux users create 5.14% of the spam
    Apple users create 0% of the spam
    And others create 2.22% of the spam

    The article then goes to say the roughly 1% of the OS market that is Linux creates roughly 5% spam. So that's 5x more spam than it has marketshare.

    And it just goes to show Apple users are not interested in sending spam to the world. They are to busy using their Apple prosucts for more productive uses.

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    Actually I think it shows that spammers are just out to make money so they probably buy the cheapest computer they need.

    Why spend $2,000 on a program when you're just going to set up a bot and let it eat.

    I'm sure there are spammers that also own and use Apple computers.
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    I think the report is less about what the spammers are using, but what systems they are hi-jacking to send spam on their behalf.

    No real surprise that the Mac has 0%, but a little odd that linux is being used by so many systems, unless they are directly sending spam and there are some good spam sending tools for Linux out there, perhaps.
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    FTA -
    ISPs use a lot of Linux in their server farms. E-mail headers, which can show the route of an e-mail from sender to recipient, can be spoofed, but the last link in the chain is accurate. So if a Windows PC on an ISP's network is spamming, the spam would go through the ISP's Linux servers, contributing to the high Linux spam ratio, Wood said.

    "We're hoping to follow that up with a little bit more in-depth research," Wood said.
    So if you take into account that a lot of ISPs use linux to serve mail you can see where that number comes from.

    And again - it does go to show there is very little malware for Mac so point all your worrywart friends who just switched to the article.

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