The following article appeared in today's Windows Secrets Newsletter. Interesting reading for those of us who think our browsing is safe because we use OS X. Also interesting is the statement about Macs not being more secure than other computers. Full newsletter is here.


Safari may be the most-vulnerable browser

The first browser to fall in the CanSecWest competition was Safari, mostly due to Charlie Miller's expertise in Apple code. There's been a long and loud debate about why hacking is such a problem on Windows yet relatively unheard of on the Mac.

Given the huge commercial nature of today's malware attacks, the answer is not that Macs are more secure (they're not, according to almost every security expert) or that hackers have it out for that evil empire called Microsoft. The answer most likely comes down to money. Mac's approximately 8% market share simply does not offer sufficient monetary return on a hacker's time investment. Mac users are just plain lucky.

For an interesting and somewhat worrisome article on Mac malware, read Andy Greenberg's March 25 article, "The bounty for an Apple bug: $115,000."