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I'm surprised Apple has not come up wth their own solution. They have Final Cut for video, Logic Pro for music, iwork for officework, etc etc. I'm not sure if Aperture is an suitable replacement for Photoshop. I've never used Aperture. But from what I've read, it is not.

I think Apple has a goldmine here. To make a photoshop killing App. Release it for OS X and windows. And price it right and I think it'll beat Photoshop. People are sick of adobe and their treatment of their Apple customers. We are looking for a way to ditch Adobe totally. And whoever makes that way will win.
Apple recognizes that the vast majority of its users just want basic photo editing, which you can get with iPhoto. Aperture offers some more photo editing features for professionals, but it certainly is no Photoshop.

If Apple were truly interested in competing against Adobe, all it would have to do is buy up Pixelmator and slap an Apple sticker on it. It's a very capable alternative and looks very much like a typical Apple application, so it would fit in nicely with the Apple lineup.