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    MacBook Pro | LED Cinema Display | iPhone 4 | iPad 2, which I believe is one of the most reliable rumor sites, has posted a 2-part story on 5 50/50 possiblity products coming from Apple. They include:
    • Sub-Powerbook
    • The No-Frills Desktop
    • An Apple Handheld "Somthing"
    • The Workstation Class Mac
    • Bluetooth Keyboard, Mouse, and Tablet

    You can read the whole stories here:
    Part 1
    Part 2
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    I wish they would release a lighted keyboard like that have on the new PowerBooks. Would buy one of those in a second...
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    I agree with you Emrys the back lit keyboard workes for me. What I don't understand is the sub-powerbook. I thought that the 12" G4 powerbook was the sub-powerbook. The no-frills desktop, I believe is the so call iCheap that is being talked about around the web.
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