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    PINK colour on the 23" Monitor problem
    read this:

    taken from amazon there has been alot of bad reviews about there being a colour problem, but the 20" and 30" is ok, anyone else hered this?

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    is it just ones from amazon or all apple monitors

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    its a problem with all apple 23 inch monitors
    has to do with the aluminum or something

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    We have loads at work and my friend has just got one. All of them have been fine.

    On a side note, watching a 1080p movie trailer on it via QT7 is jaw dropping!

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    ive hered good things from them but the people buying them from amazon are complaining and saying people on other forums are aswell.. i wonder why it only affects the 23" and not the 20" or 30", anyway its enough to put me off and get the 20", i just thought id share the info

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    i hav worked with many 23" and they all have been awesome to me, it is a great moniter that works and looks perfect, but i would go to the apple store to get one becuase USPS and UPS just throw that crap around. and that is most likley why that color is messsed up

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    well , i've saw to many 23" and they are all working great !
    without problems ! only 2 or 3 screenes notworking good bcz they put bad speakers around the screen ! but it could be fixed !

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