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Thread: Tiger Shipped Early On Accident

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    Tiger Shipped Early On Accident
    Engadget reports: 'In many places around the world, Mac fans and Apple distributors received a shipment they weren't quite expecting: Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger arrived at the door a full eight days ahead of schedule for some lucky folks who pre-ordered. Vendors PCMall/MacMall and ClubMac gave pre-order customers a treat by unleashing the OS ahead of schedule, quickly followed up by a 'recall' of the copies from PCMall.


    also here is a video of the RSS feed screen saver for 10.4 Click Verry sweet if you ask me i cannot wait to see it in person ,


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    Yeh, i heard about that..

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    Yeah and basically apple's response is this:

    "Ship back your copy and wait for the real one to be shipped, or we will not support your operating system."

    Way to win the hearts and minds of customers there.

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    man, now i wish i had pre-ordered......

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