Week in Review - 09/22/03-09/26/03
09/22/03-09/26/03 Apple CEO Steve Jobs was quoted in several articles published this week:

"We would like to see our market share grow," Jobs told The Independent. But he argued: "Our strategy is to innovate. We are the innovator of the industry. Most of our competitors try to copy us. Our strategy has worked really well for us." Jobs went on to say: "If you went to BMW and asked them why they don't outsell the Ford Taurus, they would say they don't want to make that sort of car. Apple has 25 million customers around the world, and our goal is to give them the best personal computer that we can, with the best operating system and some of the best applications."

In another article posted by The Independent, Jobs said Apple is the last vertically integrated computer company: "Other computer makers provide one part of the solution; we're the last company providing everything. With the other guys, whenever something doesn't work they all point fingers at each other -- it's the software, it's the hardware, it's the network. With us, we make the whole widget."

An article on the Spanish Web site 5Dias and an interview in the German publication F.A.Z. offered a few interesting tidbits from Jobs. According to 5Dias, Jobs reportedly said last week that Apple is currently working on a PowerBook G5 and hopes to introduce it "by the end of next year." In the interview with F.A.Z., Jobs said he expects that the computer industry will continue to consolidate, while others will disappear completely from the market. In particular, he said (according to the BableFish translator) "the future position of gateway is very uncertain" and he imagines Sony to withdraw itself completely from the PC business.

MacMinute this week reported on the latest Apple market share numbers in the creative industry from research firm TrendWatch: Macs are used by 83 percent of graphic designers, 77 percent of corporate design departments, and 65 percent of ad agencies. Vincent Naselli, a director at the research firm provided MacMinute with a further break down of the numbers: 71 percent of professional graphic designers use Mac OS 9 as their principal Mac operating system, while 17 percent have OS X. For corporate designers, 60 percent use OS 9 and 13 percent use OS X. For professional ad agencies, 72 percent have OS 9 and 20 percent run OS X. The figures provided were the latest data available through June 2003.*Since then, Apple has introduced the Power Mac G5 and Quark has released an OS X version of QuarkXPress, both of which should have increased the operating system's usage in these industries.

Apple announced the winners of its "Apple iLife Educator Awards" for 2003, recognizing the most innovative uses of iLife, an integrated suite of the company's award-winning software for digital photography, movie making, digital music and DVD creation, in the classroom. The Grand Prize winner is Jon Hand, an 8th grade science teacher at Mansfield Middle School in Connecticut, for his "Grass Born to be Stepped On" project. The "Apple iLife Educator Awards" contest was open to all K-12 district or school level educators, or pre-service teachers and faculty or staff of accredited Colleges of Education located in the US or Canada (excluding Quebec). A complete list of the winning entries and lesson plans is available from the site.

Apple also added three new exclusive gifts for .Mac members -- a free copy of the iBlog weblog software, a free VersionTracker Plus subscription and a $30 discount on SmartDisk hard drives. Lifli Software's iBlog ($19.95 value) lets you easily publish a weblog "without worrying about formatting, archiving or site maintenance." The software can publish your weblog on your .Mac homepage and offers integration with Apple's iLife. The VersionTracker Plus subscription ($24.95 value) gives you a custom page for tracking your software, a download cart, e-mail alerts, and advanced search to the popular software Web site. The $30 discount is offered on three SmartDisk FireWire hard drives (40GB, 80GB and 120GB capacities) from the Apple Store.