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    Post iSync, iCal updates just days away

    iSync, iCal updates just days away
    By Nick dePlume, Publisher and Editor in Chief

    September 18, 2003 - Sources said that iSync 1.2 and iCal 1.5 are on the way, and will soon be posted to Software Update.

    Apple is expected to release the updates within the next few days, or next week. The updates have already been provided to a number of Apple employees.

    iCal 1.5 (build 644) and iSync 1.2 (build 117) will both include several updates. iCal will feature aesthetic tweaks as well as some interface changes; the event inspector will be an integrated drawer instead of a separate window. Users will also be able to customize calendar colors beyond the presets.


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    hopefully iCal wont be such a processor hog anymore

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