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Thread: New PowerBooks?

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    Question New PowerBooks?
    Anyone have any reliable information as to when the new PowerBooks are coming out, and what the maximum G$ speed for the 17" will be? Also, will Apple put a G5 in a PowerBook anytime soon? Thanks.

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    Nothing reliable about the when of new Powerbooks, but what I have heard is that the maximum is going to be G4.. and that they do not have any plans for a G5 powerbook at this point. I think we need some technilogical advances before that's even a possibility.. Im not sure on the G4 speed though.. my guess is around 2Ghz of course, but that's just a guess and nothing reliable

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    Supposedly this week there's some happenings in Paris, and it might be a ripe time to release some new specs, including an enhanced G4. I'd guess MHz aren't going anywhere wilde, but is reporting that Motorola, loath to help Apple with some new chips but bound by contract to do so, is losing about $150 per unit. We'll find out this week. Not reliable info, but decently likely, and we'll find out soon enough to make it worth mentioning.

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    rumor sites always say "confirmed source" but i dont think they really know either

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    Well eventually apple will have to come out with a better powerbook.. at least keep them with in 20% of the desktop speeds.. So the G5 is a hot chip, why don't they just add an addition to it called the iCooker drawing from heat of the G5 chip. .... sigh* 2Ghz G4 would be cool I suppose.. I wana see a dual processor Powerbook now!

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    Efficient cooling systems for processors are being researched by all the big semi-conductor names, including Intel, IBM and AMD. Their are a number of solutions but they won't release that until it has become an industry standard.. and is cheap to produce.

    So far, all we've seen them do is shrink their cpu cores to 130/090 micron process and use different variations of silicon [ soi for example ]. Water-cooling could be used... soo too, heat-pipes etc. But they are expensive to incorporate... and people aren't too sure about mixing water and electricity

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    Apple has finally upgrade the 15" powerbook. Check out the Apple Store.

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