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Thread: Wired: Ex-Apple employee slams company

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    Post Wired: Ex-Apple employee slams company

    Wired: Ex-Apple employee slams company
    September 12, 2003 - 12:43 EDT "On the eve of a big reunion of Apple employees, a former Apple marketing director is blasting his former co-workers for failing to make the company a success," reports Wired News. "In an open letter to the Apple Computer History Weblog, former marketing director [and current PalmSource executive] Michael Mace calls his ex-colleagues 'the Keystone Kops of computing.' He accuses them of 'group stupidity' and says the company was destroyed by a 'diseased and dysfunctional culture.' 'Apple Computer as a whole was a massive failure,' he writes in a post titled 'Who Killed Apple Computer?'"

    My Comments: It's interesting.. I wonder if Apple is considered a success now.. or if Apple is still considered dead? I know my personal opinion.

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    Yeah, well I consider them a success as well.

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    I guess he has a case of sour grapes.

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    The above "synopsis" has a much different spin to it than the actual article itself. When taken in context, most of the comments make a good deal of sense. An interesting read.

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    It is pretty interesting.. and it does say that Jobs has done a great job with helping the Phoenix along.. so that's kewl.. obviously I didnt read the entire article *bad me!*

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