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    Snow Leopard to include CoreLocation and Multi-Touch APIs.
    So Snow Leopard's most recent dev seed has been sent and these are the new features found:

    CoreLocation - report the latitude and longitude where your computer is. Same tech found in iPhone for GoogleMaps

    Multi-touch APIs- allowing devs to better utilize multi-touch technologies and bring more multi-touch app support to Macs

    Ok, I may be taking this to a whole new level but if developers use CoreLocation right maybe they can make an app that you can log into from any computer which shows where your computer/laptop is, in the event it's stolen! Sorta like a tracking system. This would be great!! So far Snow Leopard is looking sleek, innovative and useful. Hopefully it's out by April in my case. What is you guys' take on these new features?

    Snow Leopard to Include CoreLocation and Multi-Touch APIs - Mac Rumors

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    Hmmm....would CoreLocation render Lojack for Laptops extraneous for Mac users???

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    Thats an interesting development but it does bring up a bunch of privacy issues.

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    Neat idea, but I hope you can turn off corelocation on the imac. I know its already on my phone with GPS, but I just dont like the idea making it any easier to locate a desktop. I dont think its necessary either, maybe useful on a stolen laptop but not my desktop.

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    Yeah, it does seems pretty useless to have in anything other than a laptop since it's mobile.

    Just to clear stuff up, it doesn't make your computer easier to find by a stranger at all. How would the stranger find your computer in the first place? Where is your location even posted to the public? The only way I've seen this used is with iPhoto '09 and at the most only your friends see the album. Someone would have to make an app showing you where your friend or registered user is in order for them to find you. People are still safe.

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