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    Question Changing Icons
    I have a question for you all: I have been a mac user for a good while and this is the first I've seen this happen, occasionally some of my icons will change their picture temporarily. (eg. My address book had the DVD player image icon & my saved ichats had the help icon for them). It doesn't seem to be a problem, though; everything runs well and they randomly went back at sometime or another. I've done a virus scan w/ updated, if any of you have heard of something like this, let me know. I'd like to figure out what's going on. Thanks a lot. -J.

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    You may also want to try and run disk utility and repair permissions just make sure that's all kosher as well.
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    also, there are no viruses on osx, so any virus scanning is unneccessary unless youre networked with wintel machines.

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    It's just part of os X's graphical user interface. It also happens if you drag something to a folder, the folder icon will change into that of a open folder.

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    Yeah I'm hooked up on a huge network with tons of different users from unix, linix, windows 98 (!?), windows xp, mac, etc. I think runing the disk utility did it. It was just weird to have the icons switch to something random (that's never happened on my desk top on it's own network). Thanks for all the help guys. -J

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