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    now this sounds interesting
    As reported in New York newsday:
    A civil-rights group will try to deflect an "asteroid" from hitting bloggers. The Electronic Frontier Foundation said yesterday it would defend bloggers' right to protect anonymous sources who disclosed that Apple would release a product code-named "Asteroid."
    A lawyer for the group said it's one of the first cases nationwide, if not the first case, that would address whether Web loggers, or bloggers, can protect confidential sources. Apple filed the suit last week in California.
    The conflict began after two bloggers disclosed on their Web sites in November that Apple would release the so-called "Asteroid," an add-on that would supposedly allow musicians to hook up analog musical instruments to Macintosh computers. Apple then sued the "John Does" for violating trade secret laws by disclosing the information to the bloggers, and the computer maker issued subpoenas to the bloggers to find out the identities of the John Does.
    The bloggers shouldn't have to disclose the anonymous sources, said Kurt Opsahl, staff attorney for the foundation.

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    The way I see it is, if the source is truely anonymous then there is no problem.
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    ok, well then do we have apple trying to restrict our freedom of speech? anyway, maybe if _certain_ Apple-type persons would learn to leave their big mouths shut, we wouldn't be in this jam. As a blogger, i believe in Freedom of speech. As an Apple user, i like to stay one step ahead. As a decent person, i would like to say that it is good that we can just show our feelings like this :mac: all the way!

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    It is not just about free speech. Journalists have a right (a real right) to protect their source. Congress is trying to figure out if bloggers shall be held to the same standards as journalists because all in all that is what a blogger is. So the case is...they want bloggers to cite sources such as when they talk about something apple said, they cite apple. Then they want bloggers to reveal their sources. This is hypocritical to say the least.

    If people are going to demand that we (bloggers) are held to the same standards as journalists and that we will have to cite sources where sources can be cited, then they too have to let us have our anonymous sources that are protected.

    Unfortunately, people fail to see that they're standing in the center of a glass house throwing bloggers.

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