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    Talking Heat No Longer An Issue
    Ok, so we all know that processors and other chips inside comptuer get really hot. Macs, in my experience, do not have a overheating problem, I hear it happens to one or two people but never to me, so not quite sure how this is going to effect the mac world as much as the pc world, but we can get excited can't we.
    So, this new type of processors are going to remove the threat of heat for along time to come, not until our grandchildrens children are they going to have to wory about procesors so poweful that they get hot. The techology is going to remove silicone from the equation all together. The problem is the price is going to get a little more expensive, because the material they are replacing silicone with is Diamonds! They are going to use labcreated diamonds, but come on that is still going to be expensive.

    Now that I have given you guys some of the information that I have found, here is a link so you can read up on it more, I have also found it to be helpful to google search it but I am not done reading those so don't want to give you guys un-reliable information.
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    while that technology sounds like a breakthrough, i think implementing LASER technology into silicon chips is going to be the next wave of new processor technology

    Working with the basic material of computer chips, Intel Corp. researchers have constructed an all-silicon laser that could lead to computers one day harnessing light waves rather than electrical currents to shuttle data swiftly. 'Once you have silicon as an optical material, then you can take advantage of this enormous (silicon) infrastructure that exists around the world,' said Mario Paniccia, director of Intel's photonics lab. 'You can imagine starting to siliconize photonic devices, and maybe integrate photonics and electronics.'

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