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    Motorola previews iTunes-compatible mobile phone
    possible ipod threat? still cool though:,1759,1749057,00.asp
    a piece:
    A Motorola executive on Thursday previewed an upcoming iTunes-compatible mobile phone. The phone can play music from Apple's iTunes Music Store, according to eWEEK: "the executive demonstrated the phone, which in many ways mimics the iPod. It syncs with a computer and the iTunes Music Store like an iPod does, and incorporates the iPod interface for navigating and playing digital music, said Ron Garriques, a Motorola executive vice president." The report says that the phone is the first of many Motorola devices that will support iTunes this year, but Motorola did not provide product details for the phone or say when it would be available. Last July, Motorola and Apple announced a deal would integrate Motorola phones with iTunes.

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    No threat, apple would not let then use the itunes store and music format without the okay from them first. Look what they did to real. This is a great plan. Apple will get a small share from every one of those phones sold and lots more users on itunes getting songs!

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