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    pro apple, contra linux news. where?

    does somebody know a site, where news are, which are against linux??
    i mean somethings like "linux viruses, what they do", or ¨somethings like that?

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    quite difficult to find something about Linux they are inexistent...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve Jobs
    I am have trouble seeing that site as a valid source. It may have some good points but the way they are presented is just poor.

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    There are certainly linux viruses, but they are much less common than, say, Windows viruses.

    Why do you want anti-Linux news? (Or, for that matter, biased news of any kind?)

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    I suppose he has a friend who claims linux is much better than osx or windows and wants to make a point.

    But I also don't think that finding biased sites is the answer, anyone can see through the bias.

    Try to find something like instead...

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    well, on a site, where i'm also moderator, there is someone, who writes news. everybody can write news, but this person is really only writing news about linux and opensource. and always in the comments is something like "you see, windows is ****, mac is ****, linux is the only one".
    hm, it's just, that 16 of 20 news are from him.
    now i want to write also some news, where apple is good, and perhaps somethings negative about linux

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    Today on O'Reilly's Linux Development Center, they have an interview with Stallman, founder of the Free Software Foundation and creator of the General Public License. When asked what he thinks about the innovations of OS X in comparison to the stagnant crawl of Linux distros:

    "Freedom is most important, and innovation is nice as long as we maintain our freedom.

    I never asked myself whether free software would mean more innovation, because what I want is freedom. Free software is software that respects your freedom. Proprietary software denies the user freedom. If proprietary software is innovative, I still won't use it. I've fought for 20 years for my freedom and yours, and I won't give it up just for the sake of convenience.

    Innovation is good when it respects people's freedom, but bad when it is bait for people to give up their freedom."

    So what Stallman is saying is: he doesn't give a crap if you want your computer to actually *work* the way you want it to. He just wants to make everyone open up their source code so he look at it in Emacs and cream his geeky little jeans. He forgets that most people want to USE their computers for things other than programming.

    When open source projects can create something as good as OS X or even just BeOS - that will be the day I'll grow a beard, wear open toe sandals and start putting "GNU" in front of every fawking word.

    That's my argument against open source software (like Linux.)

    With my rant said - I have to agree with most of the things this ( website states.

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    Linux questions is a good informative site

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