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    Safari use has doubled

    Web analytics research firm revealed this week global usage statistics for leading Web browsers. Apple Computer saw the global usage share of its Safari browser more than double since February, according to the report. indicated that Safari increased its global usage share from 0.11 percent to 0.25 percent since February 2003. Based on KHTML from KDE's Konqueror open source project, Apple Computer's Safari browser was released in January as a public beta test version. The software was downloaded more than five million times during its beta test, according to Apple.
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    Can you validate the percentage? Is this of total Mac users, or does it consider other platforms?


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    0.25% is really low. (It must be overall; there's no way Safari is used by only a quarter of a percent of Mac users.)

    Thats 1 in 400. It's a wonder anyone supports Safari at all.

    Since Macs account for about 3-4% of the internet population (According to the Google Zeitgeist that means that only about 1 in 14 Mac users is using Safari. (Roughly. Very roughly.)

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    It's global usage statistics for ALL web users, not just Mac users. It means basically there is one Mac user for every 400 PC users.

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    damn...I feel small...

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    Especially since safari looks soo much better than all the other browsers out there...

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    Quote Originally Posted by MoltenLava
    It's global usage statistics for ALL web users, not just Mac users. It means basically there is one Mac user for every 400 PC users.
    I bet thats higher. Most Apple users use IE, unfotuantley.

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    PSH. I tried IE for about 30 seconds and then decided it was ugly. Safari is all style, my friend!

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    you guys are not taking into account that many mac users are still on OS 9.2 or below... i know the school district i work for is just switching all their computers this summer to panther. but in the 3-4% of the world population that do use macintosh, probably only 25-30% of them use os x... and out of all of them, probably only 75% use safari... so you are looking at a very low number over all..

    the numbers are right im sure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by
    MACWORLD EXPO, SAN FRANCISCO—January 6, 2004—Building on the already record breaking success of Mac OS® X version 10.3 “Panther,” Apple® today announced that there are now over 9 million active users of Mac OS X and the company expects to cross the 10 million user mark later this quarter. Additionally, there are now over 10,000 Mac OS X applications that run natively on the platform.

    “Panther is the fourth major release of Mac OS X in three years and we plan to reach 10 million active Mac OS X users this quarter, which is 40 percent of our entire installed base,” said Philip Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing. “This is a major milestone in the successful adoption of the world’s most advanced operating system.”
    i dont wanna watch the whole keynote again to find it, but during the keynote given during the opening of the iTMS Europe Steve talked about OS X user base. I believe he said they were closer to 60% now, which is one of the 3 biggest OS transitions in history (the other 2 being DOS -> Windows, and next being Windows (NT kernel) -> Longhorn)

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