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    My iBook i currently balanced on top a stack of books to get it to a comfortable height to work at my desk with, not really a permenant solution so i'm looking for a stand.
    The iCurve looks good but i was wondering how it attaches to the base of the iBook. I wanna be able to pick it up and go rather than undoing some complex workings just to go to uni.
    Has anyone got an iCurve and could provide some advice, or can anyone suggest a diff stand, I did a google but 95% of results were for the iCurve.

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    I'm planning on getting the iCurve as well as an external keyboard for Christmas, so I've done some research.

    Apparently it attaches to your 'Book just through gravity. You don't need to attach anything, it just stays on the stand by itself (I don't know how, but that's how I understand it).

    As for alternatives, there's always Lapvantage ( That's the only one I've heard of.

    Good luck, if you get it before Christmas please tell me whan you think of it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by m1k
    As for alternatives, there's always Lapvantage
    Man is that thing ugly, the illicit love child of the imac and ibook is suspect

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    yikes! i dont know about that

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    I have an iCurve that my powerbook sits on. It's pretty cool but I dont like typing on it so I am going to get a bluetooth keyboard in the next week or so. The iCurve has little rubber stoppers on it that the powerbook sits on. By the force of gravity and the stickyness of the rubber to the laptop it stays put, but it is also easy to take off, it doesn't stick to it and pick the iCurve up too. I'm really happy with it so I would say go ahead and get one.

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