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    need help deciding ibook or powerbook
    New to the forum... hope to be new to mac soon...
    I am currently debating on whether i want an apple or PC, right now i have my heart set on apple(from all the good things i've heard and also the badass looks). I need a laptop to help me through college, studying Computer Engineering right now and i would love a computer that will let me do my programming as well as browse the internet/send email... no games on this guy. I have never used an apple laptop, so it is hard to compare to the PC(which is what Im used to). If anyone has used their ibook or powerbook for programming, your opinion would be greatly appreciated. I can't spend too much money though <$900 so if anyone could recommend a system for my needs with a low price (ibook or powerbook clamshell) i would appreciate it. Thanks

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    Well my boyfriend has an ibook he does programming on. His secondhand ibook just died on him (display problem - it was old 500mhz white ibook) and after lots of researching he once again decided on an ibook.
    He said he did most of his progrmaming last year on it (he's Computer Science student btw) as its so quiet and the tft is easier to look at than his desktop pc. Makes it easier to concentrate.

    As for which model, I'd recommend 12", mainly because they both have same resolution and 12" is easier to transport and fits in bags better too.

    I really envy the 12" ibooks - sleek, quiet and smaller than most laptops ( I hate the upward trend to bigger and bigger laptops, who wants a 17" screen on one, I'd prefer smaller than 12", what happened to the subnotebook? The ibook is one of the very few laptops that come in 12" today)

    If you were looking for small laptop for university (I don't know if you were) then the MV mobeus is the only other one I've heard of recently. They are new company, website or
    The specs etc are only available on english website for some reason, not sure if the model is coming out in america or not.

    If you have any other questions about programming on an ibook then just ask and I'll see if I can get him to answer them for you.

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    Also although the ibook 12" is $1099, you can get educational discount of maybe ahundred dollars.

    Also worth trying apple refurb store as I think refurbed units still get 12 month warranty,70

    And if that isn't cheap enough you could try ebay, there may even be some people selling ibooks that have most of the warranty left or with extras you might like- just be careful of scam auctions ofcourse.

    Bear in mind that 500mhz g3 was fine for programming etc but that its advisable to get a g4 ibook instead, since you get more for your money - g4 is better for compiling - as my boyfriend found out when he put gentoo linux on his ibook and emerging applications through portage took ages.

    You might also want to consider getting a Powerbook g3 Pismo, though without the upgraded boards os x is sluggish (but I've managed fine running os x on a blueberry clamshell anyway, its not too bad really)

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