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Thread: WTF is up with "Reserve battery"

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    WTF is up with "Reserve battery"
    So i just woke up, and then I woke up my powerbook, which i had charged to full last night then put to sleep... when i opened it up, I got a little box popping up that said "you are now running on reserve battery power, please plug in your computer as soon as possible to avoid losing data" or something very close to that....
    anyone have any ideas?


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    Weird... Sometimes the PowerBook battery doesn't display the time/battery charge correctly, but mine has never been [i]that[/] wonky...

    That warning appears when your PowerBook's battery is almost dead. I would wait for a few hours with your PowerBook on to see if it's actually dead. Your battery might go from empty to full (or near full) if you leave it on for a few hours.

    If your PowerBook actually shuts down after a few minutes, well, then the warning was right. It probably means your PowerBook's battery is wonky. If you're still on the warranty or if you have AppleCare you should probably call Apple.

    The warning could just mean that your battery didn't charge right, though. Sometimes even when the PowerBook's plugged in the battery doesn't charge.

    Good luck!

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