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    need oppinions on 17"PB
    I have the approtunity to get a powerbook for free (I em not the one whos paying, company is), and I cant deside between 15" and 17". if you configyre them the best way (and I plan to), the price difference is only 150$. now those of you who own 17" pb, how portable is it? is it convenient? I dont plan to walk around with it all day, but lets say home to work, work to home trips basically.
    most of the time I work in photoshop, illustrator, indesign and MS office.
    I love big screen, but portability issue holds me back.
    so what you guys think?

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    yes it is portable.....if you have a comfortable bag it is no problem..........

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    I actually went the other way -- I do a lot of walking from work, college campus, commuting -- in the end it was just too big -- I got the 15-inch and love it. I frequent the Apple store quite often and I look at the 17 - all I can say is that the thing is huge - in my mind it all came down to the idea that it needs to be a portable computer first.

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    I have the 17 and I use it everyday, I take it to work everday and home everynight, I bought a nice bag that holds everything I need. If you don't have to walk 3 miles with it everyday you should get the 17. It is the closest thing to having a desktop unit with you all the time. I actually sold my g4 tower when I bought the laptop because I just didn't use it any more.

    If you not a student and don't spend all of your time in the airport then I think the 17 inch is the best option for any designer.

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    I've got a 17" powerbook and go to school in nyc, I commute on the subway everyday and take the powerbook with me everywhere. Its not bad at all.

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    Most of the people that I know with a 17" says it's just too big, in a car, on an airplane, pretty much anywhere that you have seats next to each other, even if you don't, it's just too big. And after trying my friends out for awhile, I completely agreed.. I loved the screen, but it was just too big for me to take it seriously. When I travelled, my 15" was perfect. And now even when I am in the car, my 15" can be a bit big, or even the airplane, but compared to the 17" it's perfect

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    But if your a designer and screen space is an issue. ie your used to a 22 inch monitor for photshop/illustrator pallets then you will love the size and deal with the tradeoffs...

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    The 17" is a great computer, I carry it around with my sometimes on photoshoots and it's pretty portable. Gotta love the extra resolution too.

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    I have the 17" and it is perfect. I love it for school! It is great for final cut pro , photo shop and much more. It is so great when you are workin on it and a bunch of people are given it looks.
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