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    Something to protect the screen????
    Do you guys know of, or put anything between your keyboard and your screen when you close your powerbooks?
    I want to avoid a condition i've seen on many PC/mac notbooks, and that is when its closed and then pressure gets put on the laptop while its in the bag, the keys are pressed into the screen and leave marks.

    Any suggestions on what I can/should use? is there an actual product for this? I have been using the piece of thin foam material that came with the computer initially but i hate it and its ugly.


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    If you want to protect your screen from keyboard impressions. Just go to the yardage store and purchase your self a small piece of cloth. I found a piece for about a dollar.
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    IMO either buy something especially designed for the purpose (such as the marware link) or if you think it's a rip-off then make your own but go for microfiber material and as thin as possible.

    See also:

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    ehh. okay, well i use iskin which is impossible for it to scratch my lcd (and keyboard, if you must)

    honestly, i've never had a problem with "marks" on my powerbooks screen even before i had iskin. but i guess if you're looking for a cheap replacement for one of those marware cloths, i'd use the handy dandy keyboard styro that came with the powerbook. haha.. but that's just me.

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    haha yea i've been using the keyboard styro since i got it. its just a pain in the ***.
    My GF has an ibook and hasnt been using it and hasnt had any problems, but my friend has an older PB15 and its got keyboard impressions.
    Thanks for the pointers guys.
    I really am loving my mac.

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    costs a lot, but lasts a long time.

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    I got myself one of these. ScreenSavrz

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